What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP (Internet Protocol) or basically being able to talk over an Internet connection. The technology has been around for a long time and has seen huge growth in recent years because of several key points.

What does LSP mean?

Many times acronyms have multiple meanings and even apply to multiple fields.  This is one of those times, LSP means Local Service Provider but it’s not limited to the VoIP industry.  In this case LSP can also be an ISP that provides you data services.

What does LNP mean?

To understand where LNP was originated we need to first look back at when deregulation came to the telephone industry. Deregulation was brought about to give consumers choices and lower prices.  When you wanted to switch between one provider to another your only choice was to get a new phone number since each company wouldn’t […]

What is FOC date?

One of my clients asked me what is FOC’d date? so the first thing I said was don’t get offended! which of course was too late because they were wondering what does that mean. In the business world there are many of acronyms for FOC but in the VoIP world it refers to “Firm Order […]

Blacklisting a Caller

We have all been there, your busy working the phone rings and you don’t recognize the phone number.  Maybe it’s a new client, or an existing one calling from somewhere else and low and behold you hear an automated recording trying to sell you SEO services, Insurance and a million other things you aren’t interested.  […]

National Do Not Call Database

We all hate when telemarketers or even better automated dialers call us offering us all kinds of services we don’t want or aren’t interested in.  Somehow I know you have experienced this at one time or another so now the question is how can we stop them from calling?

Trixbox CE End of Life

In the last quarter of 2012 TrixBox announced the end of TrixBox CE ( Community Edition ) and even expired any support minutes users had paid for on 12/31/2012.  In my opinion it has been a long time that TrixBox CE wasn’t being well supported not only by Fonality but the community as well, it […]