Break the Boundaries of Typical SIP Trunking Service Providers

Why You Need Wholesale SIP Trunking

We are all using SIP Trunking today, either to receive service or deliver it to customers, but are you actually taking full advantage of this technology?

For a while now we have been treating SIP Trunking service similar to traditional phone line services, where it’s only available in a bundled set of features, at a flat rate cost. In this way, SIP Trunking has been doing well, saving customers up to 50% of their traditional phone service; offering additional revenue opportunities; delivering efficiency and productivity through dozens of features and more. But did you know we are only tapping into a small percentage of the benefits of SIP trunking?

You – The Large Enterprise

Let’s say you are a large distributed enterprise business receiving service from local SIP trunking providers for each of your locations. This means that You:

  • Have to maintain multiple regional locations that could have differing service features and settings
  • Are paying a flat monthly service fee regardless if your business has low call volume a given month, so you’re paying for what you are not using.
  • Are spending a lot of time dealing with billing and calculations of local tariffs
  • Managing services with multiple points of contacts from each local vendor
  • Have to contact local providers for adds, moves and changes to services

Did you know that all of the above challenges are solved by switching to a wholesale SIP trunking provider? A Wholesale provider touches many carrier networks and is able to aggregate features from other SIP trunking providers and deliver them to you a la carte. So you can pick and choose the specific features your business needs, without paying for anything more, and package them together to deliver a unified solution across your locations. For example, only pay for E911 and SMS services on the numbers that you need those services on. Also, wholesale providers charge you by the minute! With most retail SIP providers, you’re paying for phone lines while your business is closed; Wholesale SIP trunking has you paying for what you use.

You – The ITSP, MSP or VAR

Access to a wholesale SIP trunking provider lets you support your existing retail SIP trunking customers and sell phone numbers and other VoIP services not available within your network reach, adding new revenue streams. Or if you are just getting started, offer new retail SIP trunking service and choose and bundle which features you want to offer your new customers. For example, add SMS to your customers’ main lines or offer ancillary services like conference bridges, call forwarding, fax to email, and more.

If you are still trying to understand retail vs wholesale SIP trunking click here for a quick comparison table.

If you are interested in wholesale SIP trunking, check out SIPDepot. It is a turnkey service, which means minimal fuss and hassle, whether you are using the service for your own business, or selling it to your customers. With SIPDepot take advantage of :

  • Single Point of Contact
    • SIPDepot is responsible for delivering you the diverse set of services from across regions and eliminates the labyrinth of contacts and procedures required to perform moves, adds and changes with individual localized providers.
  • Cloud-Based Management Portal
    • Manage services and place orders on your own terms, such as phone number provisioning, rather than having to contact the provider’s technical support staff for changes.
  • Simple Billing
    • Receive just a single invoice for all the diverse set of services being delivered from across regions, making it really easy to accurately bill your business or customers. Also leverage SIPDepot’s hosted billing platform to handle number porting, billing, tax calculations, reporting and compliance, so that you can focus more time on growing your business.

Learn more about SIPDepot and its features such as SMS and E911 Monitoring.

If you want a more indepth look into wholesale SIP trunking, read our Frost and Sullivan white paper .

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