Conjuring Up JCT, CG, Diva and IMG

If you read the headline of this blog and have read this far, you likely know the meaning of these letters – they are all names of CTI (computer telephony integration) boards and VoIP gateways from the division of Dialogic that Sangoma bought pretty much exactly 3 years ago. I have to say, for all of us that came over to Sangoma from Dialogic, it’s been a quick three years!

We still sell them, and we still use a contract manufacturer based in North America to manufacture them. And we’ll continue to make them while we can and while there is still demand.

Is there still demand? Yes, you see, the whole world is not yet on VoIP (even though a lot of the people in the communications industry act like that). Some solutions are still connected to the PSTN and require these boards for that purpose. And some solutions are connected to a VoIP network through a gateway, but the solution does not need to be re-architected because of the existence of that VoIP gateway, so the boards are still used in the solution.

So, if you need Dialogic boards or gateways and don’t know where to go, visit our website or give us a call.

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