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Sangoma Logo

Sangoma is constantly evolving. And with it, our logo is evolving along with us.

When we purchased Digium in 2018, we made a change to our logo and at that time, incorporated part of the Digium logo. But since that time, we’ve purchased VoIP Innovations, Star2Star, and now NetFortris. We are a different company since 2018, and we figured it was time for our logo come along. And some may wonder “you guys have OpenSource roots and the Asterisk element is no longer in the logo”. Yes, that’s true but we still have the same pride and commitment to Asterisk and FreePBX. Nothing has changed in that regard.

What has changed is we’ve now grown into being a world-class Communications as a Service provider with over 70% recurring revenue. And through our partners we serve businesses ranging from SMBs to multi-location regional and national retail chains. It’s been truly awesome to have been part of this growth.

And while we are probably most associated today with UCaaS and it’s nice to get accolades from Gartner and Frost and Sullivan about UCaaS, we also offer cloud services that complement UCaaS – Contact Center, Video Meetings, Collaboration, MSP services, CPaaS / Applications, Desktop as a Service, Access Control and Fax for example. We offer a wide range of Communications as a Services, one we think is the broadest in the industry.

And so we wanted to incorporate some kind of cloud element into our logo – to always have that in the background when people come to our website, when we’re presenting, etc. Because that’s who we are and who we will continue to be. We are also a strong company in many ways – fiscally, determined, intrepid – and that steel blue color is meant to evoke that.

Welcome to the new logo.

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