Desktop as a Service “in the real world”

Desktop-as-a-Service DaaS Diagram

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the concept of bringing a virtual desktop to the cloud. In other words, think about your desktop now, and instead of having many of your applications downloaded to your computer, access to these applications occurs through the cloud. Some organizations love the approach since from an IT perspective, it makes managing employee applications easier. A thin-client can be used as well (saving laptops costs) and employees can be onboarded and offboarded very easily. And it is also more secure from a few perspectives – such as organization data is not stored on individual laptops, and IT security is also “outsourced” to the DaaS provider.

Sangoma’s DaaS solution is also unique since it includes support for our unified communication clients, including our video meeting solution Sangoma Meet, not just the standard desktop applications.
As mentioned above, user data is stored in the DaaS provider data center. But what happens if there is a security issue at the DaaS data center? A regional title company, who is a customer of West Michigan Technology Services (one of Sangoma’s partners), found themselves in just this situation. Their DaaS provider was hacked, and the title company approached West Michigan Technology Services for help.

And help they did. Sangoma was able to provide our DaaS solution to the customer, and get the customer up and running within a couple of days. The customer liked the fact that Sangoma’s DaaS solution utilized built-in ransomware and malware protection, so that every file opened on each user’s virtual desktop is scanned (via virus definitions that are updated every 2 hours). Additionally, proprietary policies, procedures, and processes also alert the system upon access attempts to unauthorized files, and if a breach occurs Sangoma’s DaaS solution will automatically react to restore accounts back to a safe state.

Please find more about this customer and Sangoma’s DaaS solution Connected Workspace.

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