Enhance Your Communications With Custom UCaaS Packaged Applications

One of the core benefits of a Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) system is its end-user adaptability. These platforms provide full access to on-demand communications and collaboration services, among them videoconferencing, chats, productivity apps and connectivity options, all via a consolidated cloud service.

While any UCaaS system offers high levels of customizability, platforms that can support popular packaged applications provide an even deeper level of personalization and performance enhancement. Packaged applications are created based on the most common organizational workflow needs, and can be easily tweaked and applied to one’s own unique environment. Plus, implementing them requires no extensive technical understanding or ability!

What Do UCaaS Packaged Applications Do?

Typically, packaged apps offer software with scripts for supporting objects such as databases, images and seed data, as well as pre-installation validations, to offer “ready-to-go” options for extending communications system capabilities with minimal programming. These straightforward enterprise communication and collaboration solutions help customers maximize these areas to improve output. But even this level of detail isn’t required to implement packaged applications when they are provided and supported by your communications solution. Your vendor will have the technical expertise to configure your application for you, so all you need to do is benefit from your enhanced workflows.

Now let’s take a look at some of the most common packaged applications businesses need today.

Urgent Notification

The Urgent Notification packaged app is designed to improve communications by providing options for mass updates on “urgent” matters. Urgent Notifications can be used to issue warnings on weather conditions, system outages, crises and cancelled events, among other emergencies. Plus, the interface allows one to choose from individual contacts or contact lists, potentially covering employees, customers and other important persons by sending blasts via call, text or email.

The implications for this are enormous. Users can keep subscribers informed on the latest threats and urgent alerts – including security threats, advisories and first emergency response details – in near-real-time.

Mass Notification

In a manner similar to Urgent Notification, the Mass Notification packaged application simultaneously sends text and email messages, en masse, to all of one’s contacts or groups. Additionally, the function can track critical responses and handle information flow. The multi-modal notification system specializes in two-way interactions, supporting secondary actions and history reports. Potential applications include closure and delay notices, marketing messages, invoice reminders, event updates, subscription renewals, employee collaboration, and fleet / transportation management.

Employee Alerts

Another subset of Mass Notification is Employee Alerts. This packaged app allows an administrator to reach out to employees via text or email, with support for dividing users by department or group. Plus, the software supports tracking for message receipt and elements to promote engagement. The app is also particularly useful in distributing memos, closure and delay information, schedules, health updates and human resources and other notices.

CRM Integration

The CRM Integration packaged application offers features to integrate specific CRM package options within your communications platform. By activating the software, one gains access to common features such as click-to-call, inbound “screen pops” and call-detail tracking, in turn reducing need for manual data entry while reinforcing visibility and managing calls and contacts. Whatever CRM you currently use, you can maximize its effectiveness when you integrate it with your UCaaS via this packaged app.

Single Curbside Service

The Single Curbside Service packaged app offers a frequently requested service for managing customer-employee interactions and providing “curbside messaging workflows.” The software is specifically designed to support restaurants, specialty and retail environments and other offices, providing support for “streamlined, convenient and safe customer service.” Organizations can maintain operational efficiency by accessing SMS text and web communications in order to support critical areas such as order fulfillment and pickup. Plus, key features include no requirements for customization, automated workflow, team management and tracking and reporting, among other elements.

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