Multi-Location UCaaS and Multi-Location Connectivity Services

Sangoma is very proud and honored to be able to service multi-location businesses with our UCaaS system and MSP services. A common dialing plan among the different physical businesses, physical phones that are tightly tied to the UC system, mobile and desktop clients to augment the desk phone, and having a CPaaS system that can enable multi-location business unique requirements to be added to our UCaaS solution has enabled Sangoma to service these businesses well with our UCaaS solutions.

Beyond UCaaS, though, Sangoma, through its acquisition of NetFortris, now offers connectivity and security services that can be tailored to bring the best connectivity solution to the needs of the overall multi-location business and each of the specific physical buildings. It is hard to manage what is the best connectivity solution, which provider to get it all from, all the different bills, etc. That’s understandable, for sure. The IT department needs to be expert at everything, and that’s downright impossible.

Someone like Sangoma can determine the best price, the best type of connectivity solution, and the best provider for each location and manage the network for you. You likely do not need the same bandwidth for each building, and the network provider may most likely offer a different economical service all around. Let someone else figure that all out for you and take care of all that for you.

As your UCaaS provider, it makes sense to get all this from us. We understand the networks, and we’re monitoring the UCaaS anyway, so why not have us manage and monitor your internet connectivity as well?

And we can also offer you SD-WAN services with this connectivity so that you can get the most efficient routing, a more stable internet (because of the use of multiple connections), and cost savings. And, of course, monitoring by Sangoma. Learn more about our MSP services here.

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