National Do Not Call Database

We all hate when telemarketers or even better automated dialers call us offering us all kinds of services we don’t want or aren’t interested in.  Somehow I know you have experienced this at one time or another so now the question is how can we stop them from calling?

To Date the only chance we have to “legally” stop these telemarketers from calling us is to register our phone numbers in the national do not call database.  Click here and enter your phone numbers and an email address which they will use to verify the process.  Once you fill out the form you will receive a confirmation email that you simply need click on the provided link to confirm that your request was legitimate, that’s it!

On the flip side, many of us know we are still getting these solicitation calls registered or not.  Since you are registered you can file a complaint against the telemarketer here the process isn’t too long, but it’s the only way we can effectively stop the calls.  The process can result in big financial penalties for the telemarketing company which eventually will get them to follow the rules so it’s important to follow up.  If we simply put ourselves on the list we have only done 1/2 the job.

If you’re running a VoIP system checkout our other article on blacklisting.

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