The Significance of Switchvox 7.3

A few weeks ago, Sangoma released Switchvox 7.3. In one way, it’s a typical point release like all software point releases as it brings the product forward with incremental, interesting improvements to functionality.

On the other hand, this particular one represents a real coming together of Sangoma and Digium. When Sangoma acquired Digium, Switchvox had its own roadmap for the releases in progress at the time. Sangoma didn’t interfere and didn’t want to slow it down. As such, the next release, which is this one, is where we wanted to merge some Sangoma items with Switchvox to create a better overall business phone system solution.

What does that mean? This latest release includes integrations with the Sangoma line of DECT phones, which Digium didn’t have, and with the industry leading SIP trunking service, SIPStation.

Switchvox 7.3 supports Sangoma’s DECT handsets which provide secure, wireless communication for work environments that demand mobility, such as required in retail, manufacturing, construction, and other office mobility sectors. Also on the phone front, an all-new sidecar has been created for the D65 IP phone, supporting up to 40 programmable buttons on a 5-inch full-color, backlit screen across two pages which can be daisy-changed for greater numbers of buttons.

The SIP trunking integration is also significant. According to a 2019 Eastern Management Group survey, Sangoma’s SIPStation is the best SIP trunking service available. Using an auto-provisioning tool that is new to the Switchvox 7.3 administrative interface, customers of all VoIP knowledge backgrounds can quickly and easily connect their systems to the outside world. SIPStation provides a self-service management portal and is available with monthly and yearly service plans.

Switchvox 7.3 also introduces new, major contact center features for improved caller experience and contact center management which enhances the customer experience and improves operations. A new Queue Priority feature enables agents assigned to multiple queues to respond to high priority customer calls first.

Additionally, the new Global Arrival time feature tracks a caller’s total wait time so that their priority is respected system-wide if they are transferred between queues or departments. Callers also now have the ability to disconnect and keep their position in line with the all-new Queue Call-Back feature.

As with all of our product and service releases, Sangoma strove to improve the overall customer solution set with this release.

For more information about Switchvox, please visit this page.

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