Typical UCaaS Customer

I get asked the following question quite a bit – “What does your typical end-user customer look like?” It’s really hard to answer that question since every customer is different.

We have many single-site UCaaS customers that are small offices that might have 20 to 30 employees. These customers NEED excellent phone service – customers call them, at the office. Employees working from home will end for them, or has already ended for them. Our UCaaS service is great for these types of businesses since our all-in-one pricing approach, and features and functionality that fit these customers, is spot on.

But we also have many multi-site UCaaS customers. Car dealerships, large retail chains, restaurant chains, etc. These have a much larger number of seats, and they are big enough that they might want to have a single dialing plan across multiple sites, use Sangoma Meet video meetings to conduct both internal and external conference type calls and use collaboration for instant messaging across distributed work teams. They might also want integration to Microsoft Teams for internal communications, and use Sangoma UCaaS for calling outside, because of it’s superior call routing capability.

So, our end-users span from single site small companies to large distributed companies.

We highlighted a few end-users last summer.

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