Why Collaboration Tools Are Important

In my last blog, I discussed “digital channels”, one of which are collaboration tools. Let’s take a closer look the importance of collaboration tools. Just take a look at this graphic.

We’ve all been using collaboration and messaging tools as we’ve been working remotely. Or maybe we’ve been using them anyway since we work in a distributed workforce. For sure, I can say productivity is enhanced by messaging someone, and sharing documents.

Frost and Sullivan feels the same way. As the whitepaper says: “Communications provide the connective tissue among diversified workforces—across departments, project teams, job roles, work locations and worker generations. Enabling a collaborative work environment can considerably strengthen employee bonds, enhance morale, improve the customer journey and drive workflow efficiencies.

And this is why Sangoma has invested quite a bit in our own collaboration platform, TeamHub, which is part of our UC platforms. While an essential part of UC is certainly the smartphone and laptop business phone number mobility aspect, it is becoming increasingly apparent that collaboration and video meetings also now need to be part of the essential to UC offering. And if you are getting these from different vendors, you don’t truly have an integrated UC platform.

To download the full Frost and Sullivan whitepaper to learn more about this, please go here.

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