Cloudy With a Chance of MRR

If you know, you know. But if you’re new to the game (no shame in that), then MRR stands for Monthly Recurring Revenue; and, in today’s rapidly growing UCaaS (or any “as a service”) environment, the money is rolling in! In fact, within the cloud industry, it’s honestly hard to not make recurring revenue. While customers subscribe to a service, agents subscribe to a paycheck. 

A Little Background

Traditionally, with on-premise systems, you get paid once then you’re done. You’re left hoping that the customer has a need for additional phones, extensions, and support, or the system dies in 8-10 years and requires a spare. In the world of hosted services, not only does the vendor usually host and maintain the service, but the partner (agent) gets recurring revenue each month instead of the one-time payout.

Master Agents

If you don’t have one, you should get one – and Sangoma is partnered with the best in the industry. What is a master agent and what do they do? Think of them as a distributor/organizer/supporter of cloud-based solutions. 

An agent (a partner who sells hosted services and is partnered with a master agent) will contact their master agent whenever they have a customer who needs a quote, as well as any situation that requires supporting collateral. 

The master agent represents a LOT of vendors, from telecom to ISP, IT, MSP, network security services, and so much more. That agent can get a quote for internet service, a hosted phone system, access control, and more all through one contact. Then, when that agent closes the deal (thanks to the support and product knowledge a master agent has), the agent is paid any SPIFFS the vendors might be offering through the master agent. MRR for days!

Master Agent Dating

There are LOTS of master agents out there. On the surface, they may all start to look the same; but I’d encourage you to talk to them and see what sets them apart. They are usually quick to tell you, but if you are a partner looking for a master agent, I’d advise you find one that brings new products to your portfolio. This increases your chance to offer your customers more products or services to meet their unique needs.

In Review

Master agents pay out your spiffs and help you close the deals that you bring to the table. They often offer support by: 

  • Recommending complementary products and services
  • Negotiating with vendors if needed
  • Helping craft a custom solution
  • And so much more!

All of these services combined result in more time for you to focus on what’s important: your business and your customers. Agents are enjoying the plentiful benefits of cloud-based solutions, reaping what they sow, and making money in the cloud industry. If you are looking for a hosted business phones system, SIP trunking, or a hosted fax offering, Sangoma has your back. Click here to learn more about our hosted services. Set yourself up for success and start selling cloud today.

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