The Allure of Integrated Cloud Communications: Part 2

Last week, I introduced you to Val, who is a knowledge worker with so many ways to communicate. She has a dizzying array of applications to manage, for both Val and for the company IT department, or person, or part of a person, depending on the size of Val’s business. She, and the company, have to navigate through all kinds of applications from different companies. Do they work together? Can she log into one and have access to all of them? Or are there layers of logins to go through? Do they even work with each other? Can data from one go to the other? Can you context switch from one application to another? Are they all secure?

And is she missing communications since there are so many apps to look after, and she “forgot” to check one? Or doesn’t really know how to use them well.

You know what, yes it is complicated. And confusing for Val. Teams. Zoom. Slack. Webex. Hangouts. They all look different, they don’t talk to each other. And there are a lot.

In next week’s blog I’ll discuss one way to deal with this.

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